Awa Dance Event at Tokushima University Hospital in 2017

On Thursday, August 10th, the annual Awa dance event was held at the amenity terrace on the 1st floor of Tokushima University Hospital. When the dance group (Ren) composed of the students of the School of Nutrition and the Faculty of Nutrition of Tokushima University and children of Ayumi-no-mori Nursery School came together to dance on the floor, the audience happily clapped to the beat of shinobue flutes, taiko drums, and chanted the well-known phrase of Awa Dance. It seemed that the audience really enjoyed the atmosphere of the dance performance. During the event, the audience sung a number “NADA SOSO” together to the shinobue flute solo performance by a staff member of Tokushima University Hospital. Next, children of Ayumi-no-mori Nursery School performed a lovely dance with Tokushima’s local mascots “Sudachi-kun” and “Kawanies”. In the following, the powerful dance was given by the student group and it attracted the audience through the end of the event.

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