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Message from the Director

Tokushima University Hospital offers safe and reliable advanced medical care.

The philosophy of Tokushima University Hospital is to implement safe, leading-edge care and to develop medical professionals who are motivated by human kindness. In order to realize this philosophy, the hospital has set the following four targets; to practice holistic medical care with respect for human dignity; to develop and promote advanced medical care; to foster medical personnel with high ethical standards; and to contribute to regional healthcare and society. As the only advanced treatment hospital in the prefecture, we're engaged in daily medical care, research, education, and regional contribution.

With the declining birth rate and aging population, university hospitals and regional hospitals are proceeding with the functional differentiation of beds and role sharing in line with the government's regional healthcare concept (medical policy). As a hospital for advanced acute phase and acute phase treatment, we're working on minimally invasive and highly specialized medical treatment for critically ill patients (cancer, intractable diseases, surgery, tertiary emergency and perinatal medical care). Going forward, we'll continue to improve center-based medical care that provides comprehensive, multidisciplinary treatment, in which several medical care departments work together to meet regional medical needs.

We're in an age of medical innovation. In order to develop new treatments that the national and prefectural public want, the hospital also promotes human resource development and organizational development for undertaking individual genomic medicine and advanced clinical research across all medical departments.

Strengthening collaboration with local residents and medical institutions, such as referral hospitalization, discharge adjustment, reverse introduction, is also essential for improving the quality of medical care. The hospital's Patient Support Center aims to make it easy for patients, their families and medical institutions to use the medical care that a university hospital offers. We also offer general consultation services, so please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Our hospital provides team medicine, where all the staff work towards the same goal of delivering advanced medical care. We're enhancing the functions of the Career Development Support Center, promoting team medical education, and fostering superior medical staff with a caring spirit.

We'll continue to implement our hospital's philosophy, working closely to provide safe, high-quality medical care to everyone who visits. We look forward to your continued support.

Shoji Kagami, Director, Tokushima University Hospital