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Message from the Director

Tokushima University Hospital is Tokushima Prefecture’s only advanced treatment hospital. As such, our mission is to provide patients with advanced, state-of-the-art medical treatment and safe, sophisticated medical care.

Our basic philosophy is to implement leading-edge care that fosters optimism, based on respect for life and personal dignity. At the same time, we seek to develop medical professionals who are motivated by human love.

The hospital comprises many clinics, departments and centers. About 1,800 people, including doctors, dentists and nurses, as well as medical technicians such as pharmacists, laboratory technicians, radiation technicians and rehabilitation staff, nutritionists, and clerical staff work hard day and night to care for our patients and their families. We continue to practice team medicine, exercising the full capacities of each individual member, as our contribution to the patients and their families, the community and region. At the Patient Support Center, we offer consultation about intractable illnesses and medical care, as well as coordination with regional hospitals. Don’t hesitate to consult us.

Medicine and healthcare is improving daily. In each of our specialist areas, we’re keeping abreast of the latest knowledge and adopting leading-edge technology in order to give patients our best as a team. Part of our mission as a university hospital is to conduct forefront research and publicize our findings, and so we also seek to make international contributions.

A university hospital is also a place for the education of young medical professionals and students. As we work to welcome our patients and their families, we look forward to your continued support.

Shinji Nagahiro, Director