Music Therapy at Tokushima University Hospital

On February 2nd, Thu, 2017, a Music Therapy Concert of Tokushima University Hospital was held welcoming Taeko Sebe, a jazz pianist and Kaori Muro, a flute player at the amenity terrace on the 1st floor of the outpatient building. At the concert, a Disney medley, jazz standards, etc., chosen from requests accepted prior to the concert were played, and a beautiful melody of piano and flute echoed throughout the hall. In the middle of the concert, a contrabass by Dr. Naito of the ophthalmic clinic joined the performance, and there was a generaous applause for their perfect harmony at the jazz session. Many in-patients were looking forward to the concert from the previous day. Also, outpatients stopped to enjoy the performance, and the concert was highly successful.

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