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Basic philosophy

Basic philosophy

We will implement leading-edge and safe care that fosters optimism, based on respect for life and personal dignity. At the same time, we seek to develop medical professionals who are motivated by human love.


The practice of holistic medicine with respect for human dignity

We will safely practice holistic healthcare respecting the personhood of people suffering from disease, based on our deep awareness of the dignity of life and a correct understanding of life science.

Development and implementation of advanced medicine

We will promote human health by developing and implementing advanced medical treatments safely through the pursuit of leading-edge medical and dental research.

Development of medical professionals with high ethical standards

In all of our medical activities, we will pay sincere consideration and respect for the personhood and rights of the individual, and foster medical professionals who are dedicated to caring.

Contributing to regional healthcare and the community

As a hospital that is accessible to the community, we will make social contributions by cooperating closely with regional medical institutions, promoting human exchanges within and outside Japan, and undertaking joint research with various organizations.

Philosophy of nursing

We will always take nursing decisions and actions based on respect for the life, personhood and rights of the patient, addressing changes in the social environment and advances in medicine by providing safe and better care.

Patient Rights and Responsibilities


You have the right to receive medical care that respects your individual personhood and values.
You can receive appropriate, high-quality health care, without partiality.
You can receive information about your medical status and treatment.
After receiving sufficient explanation of treatment from doctors and nurses, you can choose whether to have the treatment or not.
Your privacy and personal information obtained in the course of your treatment will be protected.
You may refuse to cooperate with teaching and research.
You can discuss matters such as medical and nursing care and other matters relating to welfare.


In order to receive the best possible medical care, you have the following responsibilities.
Please ensure that the information you provide our medical staff about the condition of your health is as accurate as possible.
Please work with our medical staff to overcome your illness in accordance with the mutually agreed treatment plan.
To ensure that you receive care in a good therapeutic environment, please follow the instructions of our medical staff and observe normal good manners.